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Garage Pressure Washing

Summit Building Maintenance provides power sweeping and pressure washing for underground parking garages in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area for residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

A well-maintained underground garage is important because it is often the first impression visitors will have of your building and helps to avoid any liability. Cleaning parking garages also prolongs the longevity of the pavement and any drain system associated with the parking lot. 

Power sweeping and pressure washing is a fast and effective way to ensure that every spot in underground parking garages is cleaned. Before power washing, we perform complete power sweeping to pick up and collect all of the loose debris and ensure it does not get to the drain during the power washing. We treat and scrub oil spots with an eco-friendly degreaser. Afterwards we wash the floor with a commercial grade pressure washer in order to remove excess salt, dirt and oil stains. Our pressure washers are so powerful that they are able to remove the toughest grime and stains without damaging the surface.

At Summit Building Maintenance, all of our technicians are certified and trained to ensure that underground garages are cleaned properly and safely.

Request a free quote or contact us today to enhance the appearance of your building and ensure the safety of all those in your building!