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Drain Cleaning Services

At Summit Building Maintenance, we proudly maintain catch basins and sump pits for residential and commercial buildings throughout the Greater Toronto Area, leaving them free of fall and winter sludge buildup. 


Our drain cleaning services ensure long and trouble-free operation of the entire sewer system in your building. Over time, the use of your drain leads to accumulation in pipes of large amounts of debris, grease, dirt, and other substances that can clog drain pipes and restrict the flow. Annual or bi-annual vacuuming makes your drains less prone to flooding. 

Draining cleaning services are performed by our licensed plumbers using up-to-date equipment and having years of experience. Upon receiving your call, we are ready to visit your building and quickly access your needs.

Request a quote or contact us today to work with a company that you can count on to do it right the first time!